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  Can I get a free consultation?

J. D. jxxxxxx@yahoo.com wrote:
Dr. Kim,
I came across your website and found your email
address in the American Academy of Periodontist while
searching for a periodontist.

My previous General Dentist did a poor job in
replacing all 3 section upper bridges causing margins
and sensitivity in the gum line.

I have missing teeth in 8 & 9, 4 & 5 and 12 & 13. I
have consulted with a prosthodontist and I have been
advised to have bone grafting and implants. However,
the fees were quite high for the full mouth

I wanted to know if you also do the restoration, crown
or bridge replacement. What is an estimate cost of
bone graft per site? Do you offer free consultation?

Thank you.

J. D.
Dear Ms. J.D.,
Thanks for looking up my website, and your inquires about dental implants.
First of all, it is very important for you to go through thorough
examination before we decide to do anything.
I understand you went through that process with a prosthodontist who is specialize in
restorations. The plan he/she may have proposed to you may be different from mine
depending on the various factors.
It means that I wouldn't be able to give you any suggestions or plans
for your treatment until I see and examine your mouth.
Second, I am willling to help you in anyway, but I wouldn't be able to help you
on your initial visit.  I am sorry to say this that  there is no free exam or consultation in
my practice. I know that there are so many incompetant practices offering a free exam and free consultation to solicit the patients. I've seen it and I know I may get patients our of those  free marketing stuff. But, I believe in the quality of care which requires time and money. Also, I believe in that the choice has to be made based on sound normal sense by the patient and me. My decision is based on the fact that if the patient is not willing to pay for few hundred dollars for their examination and other diagnotic measures,which is probably a most important process for patient and the clinician, will not be able to afford or will not go through the treatment which may cost them tens of thousand dollars.
I may offer you if you decided to go through the treatment with me after the exam and consultation process I can credit your exam fees toward your treatment fees.
Third, I've been doing implant dentistry for 14 years which includes surgeries and restorations. I started our as a GP. If you want me to do the restorations, yes I would be able to help you out, and if you want me to work with your prosthodontist , and I also would be able to help you out.
Finally, if you are interested in coming in for the exam and consultation, you can call us at  949-654-4760 to make an appointment. Usually, it takes 1-2 hour for full mouth exam,  x-rays, and consultation. If you have your own x-rays, please bring them in.
Thank you, and Have a great day.
With best regards,
Pilseong Kim DDS,MS
Irvine and Wilshire Dental Implant Center


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